Beer Brewing Courses in Melbourne

Become brew master for a day and learn how to brew your very own craft beer. The Beer Factory offers one of the best beer brewing courses in Melbourne.

In this hands-on experience, you’ll learn about all aspects of beer brewing while making your very own chemical-free micro-brew creation. You’ll be actively involved in the whole brewing process, from choosing the recipe and selecting and mixing the ingredients to the bottling and eventual drinking (the best part!). You’ll also get a full brewery tour from one of our expert brew team.

What’s Involved

When you sign up for Melbourne’s best beer brewing course, you’re in for a hands-on experience from start to finish. In a fun, laid back atmosphere, one of our expert brew staff will work with you to create your very own micro-brew.

Here’s how it works:

1.    Select your recipe

First, you select your beer style and recipe from our list of over 150 different types of beers.
2.    Brew your beer
With help from one of our brew team, you will collect the ingredients for your chosen beer. The ingredients are then carefully mixed, boiled and brewed, ready for fermentation.
3.    Leave it with us
During fermentation (2-3 weeks), our staff will take care of your brew,checking it, testing it, giving it love and getting it ready for your return.
4.    Return to bottle

When you return to bottle, our brew staff will have filtered, carbonated and prepared your brew for bottling or canning.

You can even personalise your beer with our custom labelling service. Simply email us any image and we’ll turn it into a personalised label and have it printed and ready for your bottling day.

Join Us at the Brewery Bar

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably need a little liquid inspiration to get your brew just right. Enjoy a selection of house-brewed craft beers from our constantly rotating taps at the Brewery Bar.

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To find out more about our beer brewing courses, you can contact the Beer Factory team on (03) 9336 7077.