Buck’s and Hen’s Parties at the Beer Factory

Do you have a buck’s party or hen’s day coming up? Are you struggling to come up with different buck’s day ideas around Melbourne? Well, we have the perfect solution – a party in a brewery! How’s that for an alternative buck’s party idea?

The Beer Factory is a fully functioning brew-on-premises micro-brewery. We offer brilliant buck’s or hen’s day packages for groups looking to do something a little different. Packages include a hands-on beer brewing experience, food and drink, games and more.


Buck’s Party Beer Brewing

At the heart of our party package is our beer brewing experience. You and your crew will get to brew your own pre-wedding beer from scratch under guidance from our expert brew staff.

Depending on your package, you can select from up to 150 different beer recipes to create your very own micro-brew creation. Our expert team will then help you select the ingredients and prepare, mix and boil them ahead of fermentation.

You will then leave your special brew under the watchful eye of our team for 2-3 weeks. After that time, you can return to bottle, can or keg your special wedding brew.

We even offer a custom labelling service to add that personalised touch any buck’s or wedding brew. Simply email us an image or photo and we’ll turn it into your very own custom beer label and have it printed and ready for your bottling day.

Join Us at the Brewery Bar

Of course, you can’t properly brew beer without drinking some. But, don’t worry. We’ve definitely got you covered there. Whether you need some brewing inspiration or you just want to raise a glass with your mates, you can join us in the Brewery Bar to liberally sample some of our house-brewed craft beers.

The Best Buck’s Day Idea in Melbourne

There’s more to the Beer Factory than just beer (although beer is the most important part!). Besides the beer brewing experience, our buck’s or hen’s day parties include full food and drink packages, personalised labels for your custom wedding brew, and a selection of great party games, including brewery cricket!

If you’re looking for alternative buck’s party ideas, something all your friends and family can enjoy, then you should definitely consider kicking off your party with a brew day at the Beer Factory.

Give us a call on (03) 9336 7077 or contact us online to find out more about our buck’s and hen’s day packages and take advantage of the best buck’s day idea in Melbourne!